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Build your

marketing muscle

Gym members represent a valuable demographic of motivated, fitness-conscious consumers looking for ways to better their lives. With Fitted Sport, you can reach gym-goers with offers, products, and new roll-outs.


The one thing everyone carries during their workout is a towel. Fitted Sport leverages our unique, patented towels as an advertising canvas. We only feature one brand per gym—giving you maximum visibility that sparks member curiosity.

Gyms get better towels, while you get exposure in a brand-safe environment.

It’s a win-win.

Why gyms?

fitness is hot!

Everyone from Gen Zers to Boomers are driving record high gym membership numbers across the US. Meanwhile, studies have shown that consumers need 6-10 exposures to a brand or post before they pay attention or take action.

By putting your brand into the hands of members at premier gyms, Fitted Sport helps you get noticed every time someone works out—which could be several times a week or month—for the duration of the campaign. Over time, that exposure adds up to great results.

why fitted sport towels

entirely unique

Fitted Sport towels have a patented design that stands out and makes them ideal for branding.

premium feel

Made of soft, absorbent Turkish cotton, they have a premium look and feel that aligns with top-tier brands.

high value

They make working out more comfortable and hygienic, helping gyms deliver a better member experience.



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